a.k.a. updates concerning anything


Updates on life: fostered a cat who was adopted out. broke my ankle, working from home. breaking my ankle was probaly one of the best things that have happened to me in awhile. I definitely never want to do it again though!


Spending this entire weekend adjusting to anti-anxiety meds and just trying to take it easy. Painted alot. Watched a whole lotta tv. went walking today on a trail and was pleasantly overwhelmed by how lush and green everything is. I've been doing a new exercise. I have assigned multiple meanings to colors in my watercolor palette and the four predominant feelings I have had throughtout the day are the colors I use. It's been fun! I am excited to start school. I will be taking two classes in a little over a month. Hopefully by then I will have a new schedule or a slightly altered schedule at work to ease some of the pressure I have been feeling.


Obsessed with a band named Bloodywood. The album I have listened through at least three times at this point is called Rakshak and I cannot get enough. My husband introduced them to me, the first song (and music video) of theirs I watched was for Dana-Dan. Every song on this album is so good. I think my favorites are Jee Veerey and Endurant. For me, I don't usually like an album all the way through, but this one is fire.


Starting my vacation early. Thank goodness! I just about had it. Of course, something came down the tubes not 5 minutes before I left and now it's "mine" to take care of when I get back. Anybody else could take care of it while i'm gone but nope...it's "mine" now. It's stuff like this that makes me not want to come back to the office. When I get mad at work I like to fantasize about walking out without a word and never coming back. Of course, not a good thing to do. I just try to breathe and keep things in perspective a little bit. Bullshit happens everywhere. No matter the job, no matter the field. There are going to be sucky people, sucky situations, and sucky days. I do have a plan though to exit out of my current line of work. I'm going back to school for a degree in Fisheries and Wildlife.

I had been turning this idea over in my mind for a couple years. Weighing the pros and cons of going back to school and then Covid happened and all I felt was deep gratitude that I still had a job. I also felt fearful of losing my job and kept thinking to myself, "what if this happens again?!" Then I had a coworker die a horrible, slow, and painful death from Covid. One of the most genuine and kind people I ever met. During the memorial service his family talked about how him and his wife focused on living in the moment since you never know how much time one has. That was the straw that broke the camels back for me. Life is too short and we spend too much time working to do something that doesn't make us happy. So I applied for the program and was accepted. I really want to have a position related to conservation or forest restoration. I'm excited to learn though and figure out where I fit in the field.

This is also my carrot when I start feeling too unhappy at my current job. Anyways, enough whinging. Things aren't that bad, i'm just a bit frustrated. I have 10 glorious days in a row off!!! To hike, make art, read, and work on this website!!


Learned how to transfer all my html and image files into thier own folders so today I plan on cleaning up my side of this site to keep things better organized. My suspicions were confirmed that this would mean replacing all the links in the html docs. which is why that is my sole focus for today. Pretty proud of all I was able to accomplish yesterday, I got so much more finished then I thought possible. Yesterday was a fantastic Sunday, the best Sunday I have had in awhile. Just working on art, this site, reading, relaxing, spending time with loved ones.

I don't celebrate Easter but I do love thinking of it as a way to acknowledge that Spring has arrived and focus on the changing season (although we did get heavy snow last week!). My favorite part of holidays or celebrations hands-down is the food. Yesterday I made a yummy "chicken" soup with lots of veggies, potato gnocchi, and a basil gremolata paired with a delicious gin/Camapri cocktail. Chicken is in qoutes because it was a vegetarian replacement. I was skeptical at first about it being a sufficient replacement but it has been quite yummy. The important thing about this is that...the colors of it was so pretty!

The soup was yellow with bits of orange compared with the bright green of the basil. The cocktail was effervescent and pink. Made me think how food can be like painting. How would my meals look if I was focused on getting as much different colors on a plate as possible. How do the colors and textures change in regards to preparation? Maybe it could be a fun experiement.


Currently working on: getting this website functional so I can use it as intended. Goal for today is to get this journal page all set up and linked properly with the main page. Spent most of yesterday doing the same for the about me page. Took most of the day to figure out how to do the things I wanted and became frustrated. It was very satisfying when it started to click though.

I just started reading Christine by Stephen King. I've loved Stephen King's books since I was a kid and last year decided to start what I call the The Stephen King Project in which I read all of King's published works in order of publication date. This is my first time reading Christine so I am pretty excited. I love John Carpenter's adaptation of the book (watched it a couple years ago and it holds up!) and feel it's one of the better adaptations. Last night I also decided to make a playlist of all the songs referenced at the start of the chapters. Keep wanting to add Fuel by Metallica although it wouldn't quite fit the style.